Seasonal allergies are a real problem for a lot of people in Wausau, WI, when summer begins. Pollens from the state’s varied flora, which includes everything from verdant woods to wide grasslands, can aggravate those with allergies. Air cleaners and filtration devices provide a potential answer for individuals looking for relief in the comfort of their own homes. During allergy season and beyond, these gadgets can provide much-needed relief from the outdoor allergens that permeate the summer air, making it easier to breathe.

What Are Air Cleaners?

Air cleaners, often called air purifiers, are machines that filter out airborne pollutants. These devices are able to effectively remove mold spores, dust, pollen and pet dander, among many other airborne particles that can aggravate respiratory problems and allergies.

A wide variety of air cleaners are available, each with its own unique method of removing pollutants from the air. For particle trapping, some rely on mechanical filters, while others employ more sophisticated techniques like ultraviolet light, electrical charges or ionic technologies. Air cleaners, whether they are room-specific portable units or whole-house systems integrated into HVAC installations, can greatly lower indoor allergen concentrations, providing people in Wausau with a welcome respite from the oppressive summer heat.

How Do Electric Air Cleaners Work?

Electrostatic precipitators, another name for electric air cleaners, use electric charges to attract and hold airborne particles. The first phase in the multi-stage process that these devices employ is the ionization stage, which activates as soon as air enters the cleaner. At this point, the airborne particles acquire an electric charge. After that, the charged particles enter a collection phase that has plates with opposing charges. These plates attract and cling to the particles, successfully drawing them out of the air. The room receives the filtered air, which has been cleansed of several pollutants.

How Do Ionic Air Cleaners Work?

Ionizers or ionic air cleaners work similarly to electric air cleaners but have a few important distinctions. To purge the air of positively charged ions, these gadgets produce additional ions. Particles in the air get a negative charge when these ions cling to them. Collection plates inside the device or other positively charged surfaces in the room, including walls, floors or furniture, attract the charged particles. The plates inside the device then gather the particles for later removal.

Ionic air cleaners can be invaluable for removing extremely minute particles, including some types of bacteria and viruses. Since the conclusion of the summer allergy season sometimes coincides with the beginning of the state’s cold and flu seasons, this dual functionality can be particularly helpful for people in Wausau. It allows homeowners to treat both summer allergies and potential health concerns during the cooler parts of the year.

Less Pollen

These devices can significantly reduce interior pollen concentrations, even while outdoor levels are high, by continuously filtering the air. With less pollen in the air, homeowners can better enjoy the summer season without suffering from symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes and congestion.

Less Pet Dander

Many Wausau families consider their pets to be family members. Having said that, pet dander is known to significantly aggravate allergies and respiratory problems for many people. Fortunately, people who suffer from allergies to pets can live in peace with their furry friends thanks to air cleaners, which are quite successful in removing pet dander from the air. These gadgets are great for catching little, sometimes undetectable hairs that fall off dogs, cats and other household pets before they scatter around the house. In addition to reducing allergy symptoms, regular use of air cleaners can cut down on cleaning time by eliminating pet dander from the air and surfaces.

Less Dust

Even though dust is an ever-present problem in every house, using an air cleaner can greatly lessen its impact. Air cleaners offer year-round protection from this prevalent allergy in Wausau, where the changing seasons can cause dust levels to enter homes at different rates. These devices are great at capturing dust of all sizes, including the fine kind that can readily get into the air and cause problems for people with respiratory or allergy disorders.

Decreased dust in the air also aids in protecting electrical equipment and keeping dust from accumulating in hard-to-reach places, which is great for housekeeping in general. Since static electricity can make dust stick to surfaces more easily, air cleaners also prove to be of the utmost advantage during the dry winter months in Wausau.

Less Mold and Mildew

Because of our area’s unpredictable weather, mold and mildew can thrive in wet environments such as basements and other parts of homes. This is especially true during the humid summer months. Mold spores and mildew particles in the air are a major cause of respiratory problems and allergies. Air cleaners work by entrapping these tiny creatures, which in turn stops them from spreading throughout the house and lessens the likelihood of mold colonies developing. This is crucial in areas with higher humidity or in homes with a history of moisture issues.

Other Air Quality Solutions

Air cleaners aren’t the only solution you can use to minimize allergy symptoms in Wausau during the summer. An air quality specialist can help you choose the best solutions for your home.

Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the ducts in your home is an important but sometimes neglected part of keeping your indoor air quality high. This is particularly true for people who suffer from allergies. A home’s ducts will become a breeding ground for allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander as they collect over time and then circulate that accumulation throughout the house. By using specialized equipment, professional duct cleaning services can eliminate these impurities, thereby reducing the allergy load in your house.

Air Purifiers

Depending on the room or region in question, air purifiers can filter the air using a variety of methods to eliminate dust, allergies and other pollutants. Various air purifiers include multiple stages of filtration that can catch dust mites, pollen grains and other tiny particles. To further combat gaseous contaminants and unpleasant smells, some high-end models use activated carbon filters. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it can be especially helpful to install air purifiers in your bedrooms and other high-traffic areas of the house.

UV Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers use the power of UV light to destroy airborne allergens and germs. When it comes to mold spores, which can be a major problem in the humid summer months for allergy sufferers, UV air purifiers can be very helpful. Although UV air purifiers can’t eliminate bigger allergens like pollen or dust, they work great when used in conjunction with other filtration technologies. This further reduces airborne irritants and potentially dangerous microbes.

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