We believe in rewarding our customers directly, rather than paying an advertising company, because we value your loyalty and support. Your continued business is what has allowed our company to thrive and become what it is today.

How to Participate:

  1. Permit our technicians to install a yard sign in your front yard.
  2. Assist your technician in completing your entry form.
  3. Keep the sign displayed for as long as you wish for a chance to win a $250 gift card!
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We anticipate you may have inquiries about this initiative, so we’ve compiled some essential details:

Q: How are Winners Selected?
All participant names are entered into a pool, and winners are randomly selected.
Q: How Frequently are Winners Drawn?
Winners are drawn at the conclusion of each month!
Q: What if I’m Drawn as a Winner but Don’t Have the Yard Sign Displayed?
To be eligible, you must have the yard sign displayed.
Q: What if I Require a Replacement Sign?
For a new yard sign, please reach out to us at msimpson@southportheating.com.
Q: What Type of Gift Card is Offered?
It’s a Visa gift card, providing you the freedom to spend it wherever you desire!
Q: Can I Submit Multiple Entries?
Each household is limited to one entry per month.
Q: Can One Individual Win Successive Months?
Q: What if My Homeowners Association Prohibits Yard Signs?
You can still participate! Keep the sign displayed for as long as feasible, and we’ll note it in your account.

For any additional inquiries regarding our Yard Sign Program, don’t hesitate to email us at msimpson@southportheating.com. Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of you for being part of the Southport Home Services family. We eagerly anticipate further opportunities to express our gratitude for your continued loyalty.