Professional Caledonia Plumbing Services

We are the finest plumbers in Caledonia, WI bar none. When a Caledonia HVAC contractor wearing the Southport uniform arrives at your home, they arrive on time, sober, and prepared for whatever the job may bring. You call on a family when you call on Southport: a family of 155 professionals, riding a vast fleet of service vehicles, dedicated to excellence. And when Southport gets your call, night or day, rain or shine, we will be on your doorstep with emergency plumbing repair within the hour. No matter the problem, you can count on Southport.

Emergency Plumbing Repair

You’d arrived at your Caledonia home, ate your favorite diner, and were just about to head for bed when there was a sound like a garden hose turned to full blast from inside your kitchen. It takes a few seconds to identify the problem: a pipe’s burst! It takes several frantic minutes to shut off the main valve of the house and towel off the kitchen floor. You don’t want it to take hours upon end to get this fixed. But who can you call out here at this time of night? What can you do to get your water running again?

Southport Home Services offers emergency plumbing repair in Caledonia. When you call us in the pouring rain at 3:00 a.m., we’ll be on our way before you’ve put down the phone. Our pre-screened and drug-tested contractors can repair water heaters, broken or frozen pipes, and anything in between. You don’t need to wait for another second for fast, low-cost plumbing repair, and you don’t need to worry when Southport backs all its work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.