Not many people enjoy the summer weather if the A/C in their house is not up and running. It is not enjoyable to be outside in the hot and sunny weather when you can’t go inside and cool off for a few minutes. That is why before the summer starts, it is a good idea to pay a little extra attention to your central air system. This includes taking an extra look at your outside air conditioning condenser. You know that metal box next to your house that makes noise, and you try to avoid it while cutting the lawn? Yes, that one! The air conditioner’s condenser is an essential component of the system. If it does not run properly, your house will not cool down properly either.

Now, for the question of the hour! Can uneven ground affect your A/C condenser?

As a matter of fact, YES! Uneven ground can be detrimental to your A/C condenser. There are two main elements that will be affected if the condenser is uneven: the efficiency and the life span of the unit. We’ll go into detail on each of these elements below.Can Uneven Ground Affect Your AC Unit

How an Unlevel Condenser Impacts A/C Efficiency

To start off with, an uneven A/C condenser will make your system less efficient. This equates to you spending more money and your unit working harder to get a lower output of cool, refreshing air. The reason it is less efficient is that the compressor is not running the way it’s designed to, and the refrigerant is not flowing in the designed manner. The compressor is designed to run when it is level to the ground. If it is unlevel, the oil inside is not reaching all parts of the compressor. This means there is more friction going on and the compressor must work harder. Also, if the liquid refrigerant that is being returned to the house must be pumped on an upwards incline into the house, it is putting more unnecessary stress on the compressor. With the compressor doing all that extra work, it is using more energy to reach the same output as always.

How an Unlevel Condenser Shortens A/C Lifespan

The more concerning issue would be the lifespan of your unit. Everyone wants their central air system to last as long as possible. An uneven a/c condenser will not help you reach that goal. For starters, it can be damaging on the line set. The line set that runs the refrigerant back into your house can be damaged if the unit sinks too far. One end of the line set is connected to your stable house, it won’t budge. The other end is connected to your condenser unit. If your condenser starts sinking, it will put stress on the line set that will eventually damage it. Second, remember all the stress being put on the compressor we just talked about in the paragraph above? That is not only affecting the unit’s efficiency, but also its lifespan. All the friction inside the compressor, due to uneven oil distribution, is causing a great deal of wear and tear on its parts.

How Do I Level My A/C Condenser?

Leveling your A/C condenser is not a DIY job and should be left to certified air conditioning professionals. If you have any questions regarding your A/C condenser, give us a call today! Southport Home Services has the resources and knowledge to take care of any needs you may have when it comes to your central air system. If you just need maintenance or if you want you’re A/C condenser leveled out, just give us a call and we will take care of it for you.

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