Is it time to update your air conditioning? Southport Home Services offers ductless mini-split installation and repair in Sun Prairie, WI. If you’ve been having problems with your AC system, or you’re looking to update an aging unit that’s not as energy-efficient as it could be, our AC experts are here to help.

Why Consider Ductless AC Systems?

Traditional air conditioners have a network of ducts to transport air from room to room and a large central AC unit. While many homeowners like these systems because the ducts are concealed, they have several downsides. Cleaning and maintaining the ducts can be a challenge, and the systems can be inefficient, too. It’s estimated that air loss through ducts wastes as much as 20-30% of the energy used by your air conditioner.

Ductless mini split air conditioners offer a compact, convenient, and energy-efficient solution. With this design, there’s an outdoor compressor/condenser and individual air handling units in each room. These units are connected to the outdoor unit by small conduits. Because these conduits are a fraction of the size of traditional air ducts, they’re easier to install and maintain.