The Best Oak Creek Water Heater Service

If you’re in the area and in need of trustworthy water heater repair in Oak Creek, WI, Southport Home Services will get you taken care of! While your water heater may look like a fairly simple mechanism it can actually be quite complicated. The average household uses 63 gallons of hot water a day. Your water heater is designed with all the necessary components to heat water efficiently and accurately. There are a lot of moving parts involved when it comes to your water heater and it takes a well-trained professional plumbing and HVAC specialist to fix it when it breaks. Chances are, you want it fixed the first time, with minimal mess and at the lowest cost. That’s what professionals do. We also offer water heater replacement and water heater maintenance!

Professional Water Heater Repair You Can Count On

Have you ever hopped in the shower expecting relaxing warm water to flow over your body but were met with the opposite? Ice cold showers might be for some, but the majority of us can’t live without our warm water. Your water heater, like many other things in your home, is not thought about until there’s cold water splashing down on you. However, if you want to avoid a water heater repair bill, start giving your water heater a little tender loving care. Water heater maintenance can keep it running longer and more efficiently.

Water heaters generally last between 8-12 years, but only if it’s properly maintained. Washing out sediment, testing the TPR valve, and making sure the temperature is set correctly are all simple things a homeowner can do to maintain their water heater. Like with anything, proper maintenance goes a long way in extending the life and the performance of your water heater.

Simple steps to maintain your water heater’s performance:
  • Drain the tank
  • Flush the tank to remove sediment
  • Set the temperature to 120 degrees
  • Check the anode rod for rust and have it replaced when needed
  • Check for any leaking joints or valves and tighten them if needed