The Best Solutions For Better Home Air Quality in Racine, WI

Here, Racine air quality varies as the winds blow in smog and smoke from other areas, as well as from local pollution sources. It may seem out of our hands, but indoor air quality in Racine is something our Racine HVAC and plumbing professionals can manage quite well at Southport Home Services. Your home’s heating and air conditioning system is the starting point, where we install whole-house HVAC air quality equipment. These include HEPA and other types of filters, humidity management systems, germicidal UV lights, air scrubbers, and other devices. With our custom air quality solutions, we can provide you with indoor climate change on demand in Racine.

Racine Air Quality HVAC Experts

When the weather and Racine air quality are changeable, it’s good to have home as a place to relax and breathe easily. Conditions such as COPD, allergies and allergy-related asthma, and other respiratory concerns benefit from excellent indoor air quality. Our HVAC team installs and maintains add-on features for your heating and cooling system that keep your home’s air fresh and breathable year-round. A good starting point is stabilizing humidity levels with humidifiers and dehumidifiers which keep moisture levels between 30 and 50 percent as experts recommend.

For airborne particles, fumes, pathogens, and smoke, we have air scrubbers that pull contaminants from the air including odors and chemical fumes. Germicidal UV lamps prevent the growth of molds, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and similar biological hazards by neutralizing them. Add duct cleaning services and vent care to reduce airborne material, and air balancing to improve airflow throughout your home.

Our indoor air solutions are customized for your needs, including:
  • Allergies and asthma reduction
  • Stabilizing indoor moisture
  • Reducing pathogen, mold, and mildew transmission
  • Balancing airflow and eliminating hot and cold spots