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There are plenty of ways to answer a question like this. There are people who buy a new central air system and then forget about it until it breaks down on them. These people will find that this day comes sooner than people who have maintained their system regularly. Doing regular maintenance on your system is key to increasing the life of central air system.

Think of your central air system like a car. There is a great deal of moving parts inside both a car and a furnace, they are both considered an investment, and you want them to last more than five years. Would you drive your car for years on end without getting an oil change? Would you not change the tires on your car until they blew out while driving? Most people would not do either of these two things. This is the same logic behind doing regular maintenance on your central air system. If your system is continuously run without any maintenance, there is a greater chance for your utility bills to go up, your system needing to be replaced sooner, or for more parts to fail on a cold day and need to be replaced.

There are a multitude of situations that can occur if regular maintenance is not done on your system. First of which is the decreased life of your system. If the average life of a system is 12-20 years, that could drop to 6-10 years without regular maintenance being done. This of course varies from situation to situation, depending on the air quality in your home and the amount of use. Without maintenance, a simple, common problem could go unnoticed for years and cause unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. This could lead to having to replace parts sooner or even replacing the system sooner. Maintenance provides the opportunity to catch problems with the system before they do any more damage.

Decreased efficiency is another consequence of not doing regular maintenance on your central air system. Efficiency affects both the environment and can affect your wallet. If your central air system is not running at the top of its game, it is using more energy to get the same job done. This means to reach the same comfortable temperature in your home, you will be paying more in utilities. One easy way for this to happen is a plugged filter. If a filter goes unchanged, which changing it should be part of regular maintenance, it can become plugged and decrease the airflow into the system. This causes the unit to work harder than it needs to in order to reach the same desired temperature.

These are just a few of the benefits provided by doing regular maintenance on your central air system. If you are interested in making sure your system runs at the top of its game, give us here at Southport Home Services a call today. Also, check out our website today and see our different maintenance options available to you.

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