You might use a space heater in addition to your central heating system for a bit more targeted comfort but consider this: Portable electric space heaters are a leading cause of fires and fire-related injuries, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Misuse of these convenient heat sources is often the cause of injuries and fire.

How Space Heater Fires Happen

Using Extension Cords

An extension cord or power strip won’t always handle the appliance’s high current. The wire gauge within a household extension cord is insufficient, overheating as a result. Only plug the heater directly into the outlet, and don’t plug anything else into it or your risk overloading the circuit.

Running the Cord Under a Rug

Hiding the cord under a rug or carpet might seem like a smart safety precaution. After all, you’re eliminating a tripping hazard, right? Not so fast! The cord can crimp, fray, and overheat under the carpet, presenting a serious fire risk. The unit should operate in a space not frequently trafficked.

Placing the Heater on Furniture

A heater on top of a dresser or table might be out of a child’s reach. However, you could accidentally bump or pull it off, causing an injury or fire. Your space heater should be on a flat surface with at least three feet of clearance from anything that could burn: furniture, drapes, clothes, rugs, etc.

Leaving a Space Heater on 24/7

When you use your space heater, don’t forget to turn it off at night and when you leave your home. Go ahead and unplug it from the outlet just for good measure.

Turn to the Kenosha Area Heating Repair Experts

Your central heating system should provide adequate comfort throughout your house, so you shouldn’t need to use a portable heater. If you find that you have to depend on a plug-in heater for added warmth, then you may need your furnace or boiler repaired. Whether it’s weak airflow, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a furnace that’s short cycling, the experts at Southport Home Services can restore your comfort. To schedule your appointment, call 1-888-474-0277.

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