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This is something most people do not think about until their air conditioner has broken down and needs repair. The lifespan of your air conditioner is not the most important part of your life but can quickly become the center of attention if it goes out on a 100-degree day. As with most things in life, it is good to be prepared with the knowledge to answer these questions before you are stuck in a rough situation making a last-minute decision.

If you have read our article on when to change your furnace filter, then this answer won’t surprise you. There is no one definitive number to how long your air conditioning will last. If we had to put a number on it, the number would be somewhere around 15 years. That is like throwing a dart at a dartboard in the dark though. There are so many different variables involved that can affect how long a unit will last. To start off with, one must consider the air quality outside your home. Any amounts of cottonwood fuzz, smog, dead leaves, etc. can affect how long a unit will last. If you live on the edge of a city with dense smog and you have cottonwood trees in your backyard, then your air conditioner will most likely not last as long as someone in the country with no cottonwood trees. The life span of your air conditioner can also be affected by variables such as little shade. If your air conditioner’s condenser constantly has the sun beating on it all day and you live in a humid environment, there will be a better chance for bacteria growth. Bacteria growth is not the only concern when it comes to shade. It puts extra stress on the system when the sun is beating down on the condenser. The sun keeps the condenser warm forcing it to work harder in order to do its job, therefore wearing out the unit faster.

It may seem hopeless and like the world is out for your air conditioner. No worries, we will let you in on a secret. Scientists and doctors tell us that if we eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle we will live longer. The same goes for air conditioners! Maintaining your system will help your air conditioner last longer. Tossing a jar of vitamins into your air conditioner will not maintain your system, like it would if you were to take a vitamin every morning. If fact, it would probably cause damage to your system, so we advise not to feed your air conditioner vitamins! Instead, you can read our article on tips to maintaining your air conditioning system. Taking a few simple proactive measures can help increase the life of your air conditioner. If you would prefer a professional to do maintenance on your system and ensure that it will work throughout the summer, Southport Home Services does offer different options for maintenance.

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