Many people wonder if their air conditioners need maintenance. That’s certainly a valid question. After all, when you turn on your air conditioner and your home starts to cool down, it doesn’t necessarily seem like any component needs attention. The truth, though, is that air conditioners do need regular maintenance. Having a unit serviced can be a very smart move, one that could end up saving you money over the long run.

Annual Service

It’s generally recommended that air conditioners get serviced each year. It’s typically best to have your unit serviced in the first half of the year. Sometime during spring would be ideal, since any potential issues can be addressed before the sweltering summer heat sets in. You might want to get in a habit of giving us a call at Southport Home Services each year when the snowpack starts to melt so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs when we’re dealing with extreme temperatures. Plus, we tend to be busier in the winter and summer since this is when people need the most help with their HVAC units. You may have a bit of a longer wait in the summer, and in the winter, we can’t always do all of our tasks because we don’t want to risk running an air conditioner in the freezing weather.

What Happens During a Tune-Up?

During this tune-up appointment, we can take a look at your entire unit. We can perform routine tasks, such as cleaning filters, calibrating the thermostat, and tightening up any electrical connections. Plus, we’ll do a thorough inspection of various parts to make sure everything is running smoothly. More information regarding each of these responsibilities is included below.


Some of our work will involve basic cleaning. For instance, we’ll clean the indoor and outdoor coils. Coils are tightly spaced, and a lot of debris and dust can get trapped on them. When enough builds up, heat can’t be transferred as effectively. Dirty coils can lead to increased temperatures in your home during the summer and higher utility bills. Coil fins can be delicate, so whenever we do this job for our customers, we’re very careful. Each model is a bit different, but we have plenty of experience in this field and can efficiently address this issue.

The condensate pump may need to be cleaned as well. This pump removes condensation that is produced during the cooling process. It performs a vital task because stagnant water can clog things up and lead to bigger problems like mold and mildew. As necessary, we can rinse the reservoir of the condensate pump to get rid of dirt, debris, or algae that may be there.

The air filter is a workhorse that needs to be addressed, too. It has a simple job, but it’s one that’s vital to the overall performance of your HVAC system. When an air filter is obstructed, air flow is impeded. This makes your unit work harder than it should in order to pump cool air through your home. When an air filter is particularly dirty, air sometimes bypasses the filter, and dirt can then be deposited direction onto the evaporator coils. None of this is good news. The fortunate thing is that we can easily replace your air filter. Doing so can make a significant impact on how well cool air can circulate.


Another aspect of our work involves checking things over to make sure there are no problems or potential problems. We have the equipment necessary to check for refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant cannot be simply released into the atmosphere because it can be dangerous to people and the environment. Instead, it has to be properly evacuated. We can handle all of that for you.

On that note, you’ll need to have the proper level of refrigerant to keep your system running. If you don’t have enough, the compressor will get too hot and could seize up. On the other hand, too much refrigerant isn’t good either. We’ll make sure you have the right amount.

We can also check for leaks in your ducts, if you have central air. These leaks can often go undetected if you don’t have a professional assessment. If this happens, you could be paying too much on your energy bill. When the problem is severe, you may have trouble getting your home to a comfortable temperature. When your unit constantly runs in a struggle to get its work done, components can wear out prematurely.

The electric components of an HVAC system need to be checked over every now and then. We’ll clean up and tighten any connections. Sometimes, a non-conductive coating needs to be applied to certain areas. This can protect parts from corrosion. Given our humid conditions in the summer, this could be an important step.

Another thing that is usually included with a tune-up is an inspection of the thermostat. We’ll make sure it’s accurate and is effectively communicating with your air conditioner.

Finally, there are motors and often belts that are incorporated into air conditioning systems. Like any other part, these items can break or wear down. We’ll take a close look at the inner workings of your air conditioner to see if any part is close to its breaking point. If so, we’ll get you set up with a replacement.

Winterizing an Air Conditioner

As we all know, winters in Wisconsin can be tough. By winterizing your unit, you can protect it from weather damage, wildlife, and rust. We’d be happy to help you with this if you’d like. It would involve a thorough cleaning and potentially some insulating to prevent pipes from freezing.

Be Proactive

Being proactive and taking precautionary steps is key if you don’t want to be faced with an unexpected issue. It often works out that during the hottest week of each summer, we’re called by many residents who are experiencing difficulties with their air conditioners. Having regular maintenance conducted will reduce the chances that you’ll have to make one of those calls.

Having us maintain your air conditioner can help extend its lifespan. You can get the most out of your investment while having extra peace of mind, knowing that you’re doing what you can to keep your home cool, comfortable, and efficient. The team at Southport Home Services is ready to help anyone in Madison, Wausau, Caledonia, or the surrounding areas with air conditioner maintenance.

A Local Resource

At Southport Home Services, we pride ourselves in our customer service and the quality of our work. We’ve been serving our community since 2005, and we enjoy helping people make their homes comfortable, in both the summer and winter. In addition to offering installation, maintenance, and repair services related to heating and cooling units, we’re able to assist people with issues related to air filtration, humidity, and indoor air quality. We provide plumbing services as well, in case you need them. If you’re dealing with an emergency, we’re available 24 hours a day.

Call our team at Southport Home Services for more information or if you have any questions.

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