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Does your kitchen sink take ten minutes to drain the water out of it? Does your bathroom sink almost overflow just by washing your hands? The odds are you have a drainage issue! This does not mean you should climb under your sink and start tearing out the piping to try and find the culprit. Plumbing systems can seem simple but are quite intricate. However, there are quite a few tips for preventing drainage issues and a few tricks to try and solve them.


Prevention is the best solution to drainage issues, because with proper prevention drainage issues can most times be avoided almost entirely. Prevention takes on many forms. To start off with, a common one that everyone should know: kitchen grease. Have you ever cooked bacon or deep-fried anything in the kitchen and then poured the grease/oil down the drain? If you said yes, make that the last time! Kitchen greases/oils can solidify over time causing clogs in your drains. By not pouring them into your sink, you are taking preventative measures against drainage issues. An alternative to pouring it down the drain is pouring it into an old container/can/mason jar and tossing it in the trash. Another is to put it in a bowl, freeze it, and then scoop it into a bag to throw away in the trash. It takes a little extra work but will prevent money loss and major headaches in the future! Another common one deals with shower drains. Men and women with short hair luck out with this one. While showering we lose quite a bit of hair shampooing each day. When it is short it usually can get through the drain without an issue. However, long hair will get stuck and ball up in the drain causing a clog. This may start as a slow drain and work its way up to a full clog. A simple preventative measure for this issue would be to buy a strainer! No, not the ones you use to cook noodles. They are the same concept, just smaller and cover the drain of your shower. Then after each shower just pick it up, knock it on the trash can to clear the hair off, and place it back over the drain. They can be found at any hardware store for a price as low as $5. This is a small investment to prevent a big mess that could happen in the future! A preventative measure we here at Southport Home Services is Bioclean. To learn more about Bioclean give our office a call today at 1-888-474-0277.


It may already be too late for preventative measures. In this case we have a few tricks for you to try and use to get your drain unclogged. The first, is using the solution Drain-o. This solution is used to break down the clog and flush it down the system. It is quite simple, just buy it at your local hardware store and follow the directions on the bottle! The second solution is using a plastic snake. It is a long, thin piece of plastic with ridges that are pointy enough to grab onto what is clogging the drain. These can also be found at any hardware store. If either of these two solutions do not work, the next step is to call Southport Home Services. Our professional technicians have the tools and knowledge to get the clog taken care of.

As one could tell after reading this article, there are quite a few tips and tricks to drainage issues. If the proper preventative maintenance measures are taken there is a good chance you will not need the solutions paragraph. Although, if you do get a clog it is not the end of the world. There are a few solutions and if those do not work you can always call us here at Southport Home Services. We offer service 24/7 and can take care of any plumbing need whether it is a clogged drain or a broken water heater.

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