In the past, problems with a sewer line were difficult to fix. It would generally involve contacting a plumbing company specializing in sewer line repair and having them dig a giant trench in your yard. It was expensive and time-consuming work. It also caused significant damage to your landscaping and was a hazard until it was filled in. Fortunately, the plumbing experts at Southport Home Services can avoid most of these problems with trenchless sewer repair.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer line repair involves spraying a plastic liner on the inside of an existing sewer line. As the liner dries, it cures into a new plastic pipe that effectively replaces the old one. The new pipe is free of any joints that could become weak spots in the line, which adds years to the lifespan of your sewage pipes.

The process involves minimal digging; all that is needed is access to one end of the line. You could have a new and functional sewer line quickly, safely, and without unnecessary damage to your existing landscape. The process is much less labor-intensive, making it a much cheaper option.

While trenchless sewer repair may not be an option if there is extensive damage or too many obstructions in your existing sewer line, there are still plenty of sewer issues that it can solve. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Pipes Damaged by Freezing and Thawing Water

Water expands when it freezes, which can cause serious problems with your plumbing. You might have noticed this if you’ve ever had a pipe burst during a particularly cold winter. An underground sewer line is unlikely to freeze and burst completely, but the freezing and thawing cycle that occurs throughout several winters still puts a lot of pressure on the pipe’s walls. This can create tiny cracks that aren’t enough to totally destroy the pipe but will cause it to leak.

A trenchless sewer repair job can insert a more durable and flexible plastic liner into the damaged pipe, making it better able to withstand the freezing and thawing cycle without breaking.

Old Pipes that Need to be Replaced

A sewer line can last for a long time. Pipes that are made from cast iron or concrete will last between 75 and 100 years, and a modern plastic pipe can last even longer. Unfortunately, they will not last forever. They start to deteriorate when they near the end of their lifespan and become vulnerable to intruding tree roots and other damage.

You might notice issues such as frequent backups in your home’s drains, foul smells from sewer gas, mold growth in your home, and patches of grass in your yard that seem a little too green compared to everything around it. These are all signs that your sewer line has cracks or leaks. If you know that you have an older sewer line in your property and you’ve noticed any of these issues, you might be in need of a sewer line replacement.

Improper Sewer Line Installation

Some sewer issues are caused by simple human error. If your sewer line was installed improperly, you might have some hidden leaks that allow sewage to slowly seep out. Other installation errors include improper jointing that leaves areas where solids can collect and create a massive clog.

If you have frequent sewer line clogs, improper installation could be the cause. Installing a plastic liner via trenchless sewer repair can even out these rough spots and allow everything to flow smoothly.

Invasive Tree Roots

Having trees on your property can be a wonderful thing, but larger trees can cause problems if they’re too close to your sewer line. Simply put, trees need water, and there is no better source of water than the sewer pipe that passes underneath your yard. If the sewer line has cracks, holes, or seeps water, the roots are naturally drawn to the pipe. As tree root systems grow and spread, they can grow around or even through sewer lines and cause them to leak or even collapse altogether.

A tree root infestation can be difficult to fix, especially if it destroys your sewer line. While there’s not much that can be done if your sewer line is completely destroyed by invasive tree roots, one that is merely damaged can be fixed with trenchless sewer repair. We at Southport Home Services can inspect your sewer line to see if your plumbing problems are caused by invasive tree roots.

If so, first, we would cut away any roots that may have invaded the pipeline. Once the line is clear, we can install a new plastic liner to eliminate any water leaks. This means the roots won’t be drawn to the sewer line, and thus you have a new root-free sewer line.

Cracked or Burst Pipes

Sewer lines can leak, crack, or burst for several reasons. We’ve already covered problems such as the freezing and thawing cycle, tree roots, old age, and improper installation, but there are other reasons why a sewer line could become damaged. Older pipelines may have joints that are coming loose, shifting and settling ground could cause a pipe to crack, or a severe clog could put too much stress on an existing pipeline.

For whatever reason, you could have a leaky sewer line that needs to be fixed. Since these pipes are still more or less intact, they can be repaired easily and quickly via trenchless sewer repair. As always, our plumbing experts can inspect your sewer line to see if trenchless sewer repair is an option for you or another one of our plumbing services.

When Trenchless Sewer Repair Isn’t an Option

When trenchless sewer repair is possible, it is usually the best option for a faulty or damaged sewer line. However, there will be times when it isn’t possible. Sewer lines that have collapsed completely or issues that have caused extensive damage to surrounding areas often require more aggressive solutions.

At Southport Home Services, we will inspect your sewer line and its surrounding area to find the best solution. This could mean installing a new pipe liner with minimal digging, or it might require something more extensive. In any case, our experts will continue to work closely with you to find an option that requires minimal damage to your landscaping.

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