Dry air at home has many effects, from skin problems to static from the cat, but a whole house humidifier in Brookfield, WI provides a centralized solution. Winter heat and summer AC both can lower the humidity in your house, but it’s easily managed as part of your HVAC system.

In summer, our humid air gets oppressive, even affecting your indoor air. If your home is outside the recommended 30-50 percent RH, you can use a whole-house dehumidifier to stabilize your air in your comfort zone. When you feel right at home, you tend to use less heating and AC to make up for discomfort from humidity variations. We can install the right solution for your home.

Humidity management equipment installed on your HVAC system is controlled by a multipurpose thermostat. You can even program a smart thermostat or home automation system to handle your humidity 24 hours a day!