You might do bathroom renovations because you’re moving into a new home and want to make it your own, but you might also just be refreshing a house you’ve lived in for years. In either case, remodeling one or all of your bathrooms lets you create a space that suits your style and serves your specific needs. On top of improved quality of life, you might also boost your property value. Bathrooms are spaces you use multiple times a day, so renovating them has a lot of positive impact on your daily routine. However, your remodeling process should involve a plumber for many good reasons.

What Plumbing Is Involved in Bathroom Remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling is often more than just putting in new linens or adding a fresh color scheme to the room. Full bathroom remodeling usually involves adding items such as fixtures, flooring, and counters. One big advantage to this is many newer fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs, can make your home more efficient in how it uses water. That reduces your water bill but also makes your house more environmentally friendly. It might also mean turning a half bath into a full bathroom.

An Expert Professional

Hiring a plumber means that your bathroom project gets to enjoy the expertise of an industry professional. Even if you know a few things about plumbing, you won’t know everything a plumber will. You won’t have to waste time trying to learn how to do things or find tools. Your plumber will have everything they already need, and they can handle every single task your remodel involves. If they ever need a second set of hands, they’ll know when you can help them or when they need to call in another member of their team.


Plumbers have access to high-caliber fixtures and materials that you might not have. They also know the local codes that help to ensure that your bath is completed in a safe and long-lasting manner. Depending on their network of contacts, they might even be able to get items for you at prices that are more affordable than you’d find on your own. This usually involves them being factory-trained for specific brands to handle the correct installation. Your bathroom will get to enjoy great long-term benefits due to this.


Renovating a bathroom can be dangerous work for those involved, but it can also be risky for your home. Potential dangers involve electrical hazards, exposure to biohazards, flammable products, water damage, and exposure to lead and sulfur dioxide. Doing certain tasks on your own might jeopardize your own health and your property, but a plumbing professional can handle everything safely.

Timely Finishing

The longer your bathroom remodel takes, the longer you’re without that bathroom. Even if you have other bathrooms you can use, you’re probably a busy person with your own life. Adding a full-blown remodel on top of that might be too much. Even if you have free time to handle it, a professional is going to get everything done faster because that’s simply what they’re trained and experienced at doing. Your construction schedule can happen on time or even faster than if you try to do everything yourself.


Having the right tools can make all the difference in the world. You might have a number of simple tools and supplies on hand for common bathroom issues, but installing new fixtures requires a whole new level of equipment. You don’t need to buy or rent such tools and learn how to use them when you can simply hire a professional who already has them and knows how to use them properly. This is even more the case if your bathroom renovation involves replacing, installing, or rerouting pipes.

Complex Tasks

Remodeling a bathroom involves both electrical and plumbing work in many cases. A professional plumber can do this work without hurting themselves or your home. They’ll know if and when they need electricians or other subcontractors to handle specific non-plumbing tasks. Your house will benefit from having certified specialists do the work, and your local building codes might even require it. For that matter, you might have to just to maintain your homeowner’s insurance.

Emergency Situations

A lot of what plumbers do is respond to emergency situations. No matter how thoughtfully your remodel is planned, you might have an accident or a crisis come up during the process. Rather than trying to call someone out to take care of things, you can have a plumber right there to deal with problems. Even better, they might identify potential issues in advance and take steps to prevent or correct them before they even happen.


Many plumbing contractors offer warranties, and they’re usually workmanship warranties. Many materials or fixtures you have installed might have material warranties that are only valid if a certified contractor did the installation. If you do your own renovation and mess something up individually, then you’re going to be the one paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to correct the damage that’s done.


The DIY route might seem like a way to save on labor, but there are many different ways it can cost you in the long run. You’ll need to take time to learn how to do things and gather tools and equipment. Those are hours you could’ve used doing other things, like making money. Worse yet, you might do something wrong or only do it so well. Plumbers get things done fast, and they get them done right. They provide comprehensive solutions that last, and that’s what saves you money and time. You can and should consult with them about the scope of your project versus your budget. They’ve got the experience and ideas to make the two mesh.

Looking Past the Glitz

You can probably close your eyes and imagine a sparkling new bathroom with shiny fixtures waiting to be used. However, you need to ask your plumber whether your home has any outdated plumbing materials, such as galvanized steel or iron. A remodel is the right time to replace them because modern piping is the best option for new appliances. You might have options that include PEX, CPVC, or copper pipes. Older pipes, even if they’re still working now, might leak or rust after a while. Replacing them now makes sense so that you don’t have to move things and tear down walls in the future.

Find the Right Professionals in Your Area

Bathroom renovations can restore life to an older house or expand functionality in ways that weren’t previously there. Trusting professional plumbers to handle specific tasks expedites the process, makes sure things go right, and opens up options you might not otherwise have. If you live in the region around Wasau, Wisconsin, then call us at Southport Home Services for any HVAC or plumbing needs your home might have. Count on us to make your bathroom renovation hit its maximum potential.

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